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Instructor’s Operating Bundle


Instructors Operating Engine continues at $49/month 

Instructor’s Operating Bundle

The Instructor’s Bundle is designed to help CPR Instructor’s hit the ground running.  Get the tools you need to manage, operate, and profit from your courses.  

Instructor’s Course

  • Updated Provider Status
  • Instructor Alignment
  • American Heart Association Essentials
  • Course Monitoring Sign Off

 Management & Operations Engine 

  • Ongoing Training & Technical Support
  • Essential Process Implementation (Emails, Disclaimers, Policies)
  • GDPR Compliant – Customers Manage their own data
  • Accept PSI Compliant Online Payments (merchant fees apply 2.95 + .30/transaction)
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Instructor Course Calendar Management
  • Enrollment Notifications
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Student Self Scheduling
  • Instructor’s Web Page
  • Easy File Storage Integration & Upload of Student Records (Instructors must keep files for 3 years)

$900 Set up + $49/month Updates & Maintenance

This purchase Includes the Instructor’s Course.  If you have already purchased your Instructor’s course and want the Operating Bundle Access the Add On.  We will help you.

*This purchase does not cover AHA training equipment and supplies. The American Heart Association allows Instructor’s up to six months to acquire training supplies.  


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